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Kind, das mit Luftblase spielt

Zumbini is a program for babies and children

ages 0 - 4 years and their caregiver(s)

classes are in English, but it works well too, if you speak only a little English 

Kinder in Slide

we sing,

& play with 
rhythm instruments,

we also use colorful scarfs
while dancing or when playing peek a boo

Take home material

With the subscription you will get access to the Zumbini music app and be able to listen to the 24 songs of the Kalino program.


Zumbini vibes at home


Happy participants


"Loredana, Zumbini feels like being on vacation"

"My son loves the fun Zumbini music, we sing along as a family every day"

"My daughter loves the melody of colors and shapes, its such a catchy tune"

"My 1,5 years old is totally excited when I tell her that we're on the way to Loredana's Zumbini class"

Musik spielen für Baby

Musik stärkt die emotionale Bindung
und schafft neue Verbindungen im Gehirn


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